Love People

I came across the below post in Seedly Personal Finance Facebook group:

Should I make my bf pay me rental fees? A “social-financial” cohesion problem.

“Dear Seedly Community, My bf and I are both in our late 30s and have recently decided to live together in my landed home, the mortgage for which I have fully paid up. He pays about $5k monthly for his rental condo unit and his current lease will end soon.

Should I make him pay me rent or do we draw up some financial arrangement to make sure he will not be a free-loader when he moves in with me? He earns lots more $ than me and also spends way more $ than me. Will be interested to hear your views please. 🙂 ” Aged 30 to 34 year old.

I have always felt that it is hard to quantify a ‘relationship’ with someone