I do apologize to my readers…
As I go back my past posts, I’ve come to see that my posts have become heavily lopsided towards a freegan lifestyle.
And I think maybe some readers will think it’s hard to relate to such a lifestyle…

Similarly, on my side… I’m starting to be unable to relate to a normal lifestyle. The feeling is just so weird.
I think… it’s like.
How do you think an MP is able to relate to someone earning $2000 per month? When an MP earns so much more?
If I earn $2000 per month, can I relate to someone earning $10,000 per month?
The person earning $2000 would just think, “Oh it would be so nice to earn $10,000 per month.”
​But there are other issues that come along with earning $10,000 per month. Everyone has issues and worries, they just have different issues at different levels of income.
A business owner worries about paying …