As many people know, DigixDAO is my FAVOURITE crypto for the longest time. In fact, it was the first crypto that I discovered that got me very excited enough to build a sizeable position.

I’ve talked about it during Cryptmas ($150 USD, 0.23 ETH) and also during my 2018 portfolio where I outlined the simplified thesis of DGD. ($200 USD, 0.16 ETH)

Well, currently we are at $300 USD and 0.38 ETH.

While DGD is fresh on the radar now for being a safe haven during crypto dips (and you can find a lot of recent reviews and explanation of this crypto on YouTube and around the net), this was not always the case. 

In fact, DGD used to be a downward-biased, leveraged ETH proxy. This means that when ETH dropped 5%, DGD would usually drop 8-10%. And then when ETH recovered, it would recover slower.