Pchain ICO Review

So what is Pchain?

Pchain or Promotion Chain, aims to bring about a decentralized promotion system to resolve the issues facing traditional promotion industry today.

You can check out their whitepaper here.

The Big Problem: Small businesses have to do marketing (promotion) effectively to uplift their brand awareness and in turn, make profits.

This can be broken down into 4 big issues as shown below:

In short, under existing industrial structure, product manufacturers have almost no controlling power over promotional behaviors. Promotion only relies on previous experience, money input and luck. Therefore, promotional effects cannot be guaranteed.

On the other side, promoters are restrained by intermediate links, so they have no say on products and cannot make any decision. They are faced with not only low returns but also arrears or cut payment.

Pchain is the solution to the problems above…

Pchain ICO Value Proposition

In essence,