A lot went down during Monday’s Budget Speech by Finance Minister Heng Swee Keat. Beyond the concerns about our 9% GST, many of the things mentioned directly affect the lives of youths. Guilty as charged, I admit that the 2-hour Budget Speech, though important, slides past my interest and I believe that this is the same for many other Singaporean youths.

So to make things easy, we broke things down and summarised the 5 most important things Singaporean Youths need to know about the Budget 2018:

P.S. Haven’t watched the speech? No problem, we’ve digested the two hours’ worth and summarized its highlights for you here.

1. Edusave Top-Ups

As announced during the budget, close to $200 Million a year will be spent on supporting our education schemes. This includes an increase in the annual Edusave contributions by $30 for primary school students, from $200 to $230 and $50 for