According to PropertyGuru’s Consumer Sentiment survey conducted recently, buyer sentiment is at the highest level since 2013.

Together with other indicators such as the uptick in the URA price index, this suggests that the Singapore property market may be turning the corner.

In the PropertyGuru survey, 37% of respondents indicated they are satisfied with the real estate climate in Singapore.

This is 3 percentage points higher than 34% recorded in 1H 2017’s survey.

The main drive for the higher level of satisfaction is, no surprise, anticipation of long-term capital appreciation and low mortgage rates.

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(But be careful that low mortgage rates don’t stay low forever).

Additionally, 28% of respondents said that they felt Singapore has a stable and resilient real estate market.

Some respondents were unhappy because they felt that property prices were high.

However, in the same vein, most respondents …