This month has been insane.

As I mentioned many times, due to my freegan activities, my daily grocery bill has dropped to almost zero. Along with my free vouchers from my wife’s AIA Vitality app.

Furthermore, due to a change in weekend schedule, we go out to eat less.
We used to go out on Saturdays and visit parents on Sundays. However our parent visits have been changed to Saturday. BUT, we don’t really have mood to go out on Sundays cos we just want to rest a little at home. So as a result, even Sunday meals are free cos I cook.

This has caused a large drop in our discretionary spending.
To hit my monthly combined spending of $1,000 each month, I haven taken to prepaying many of our utility bills.

SP Services = $160 prepaid, they didn’t allow me to pay anymore than this amount.
M1 = $87 prepaid. This is 3 months of …