We all know having a baby is an expensive feat but how much does it really cost to give birth in Singapore. Knowing that not all pregnancies are the same, we came up with a guide helping future parents out there to know what to expect when you are expecting!

Gynaecologist Fees First trimester (1st to 13th week of pregnancy)

Your first trimester begins when you get pregnant which means by the time you find out you are pregnant, there might be limited time left to do all the check-ups.

There are a series of tests which have to be done on the First trimester.

These blood tests can cost between $200 to $400 each time. Some examples of tests will be:

Triple Serum Tests (at about week 18) First Trimester Screening Panel (at about week 10 to 14) Second and Third Trimester

Depending on the hospital which one …