Viva Industrial trust is an industrial REIT listed on the Singapore stock exchange that has performed fairly well since 2017.

One thing investors should look out for even though the counter has performed fairly well over the last 2 years is the presence of income support.

Viva Industrial Trust’s share price rose from about S$0.7 to a peak of S$0.97 late 2017. It closed at a trading price of S$0.88 on 23 Feb.

The last close price is also higher than IPO of S$0.77.


In Viva Industrial Trust’s financial statements, the income support comes in the form of a “rental support / rental arrangement”.

In Viva Industrial Trust’s FY2017 financial statements, on page 4, they specifically mention the details of the income support.

The term rental differential is used in the financial statements and can be used interchangably with rental / income support.

Why use such technical terms and …