Our Growth Investing Workshop yesterday was a full-house!

This latest instalment of our monthly workshop series is conducted by one of our veteran community members and financial blogger, James from Smallcapasia.com.

James was also a former writer for the MotleyFool and Yahoo Finance.

Workshop attendees got to learn all about balancing between Value and Growth investing…using the GARP Strategy (growth rate at a reasonable price).

Simple as it seems, there’s much work and effort involved in identifying great stocks at a reasonable price.

Everyone was attentive throughout, especially because James is very well-versed about the Singapore market.

We’d like to thank everyone who attended the workshop yesterday. We sincerely hope that it was fruitful for you and you had something to takeaway.

By the way, James is also a provider of our Investors’ Marketplace who is providing a monthly stock research and analysis subscription called Top Stocks Under