The Singapore Interbank Offered Rate (SIBOR) has risen sharply and then fallen back again in the past few months. While it’s nowhere as volatile as the meteoric rise and crashes of say, Bitcoin, it does signal that we should expect more movement in the coming months. In fact, SIBOR rates have been on the rise since 2015:

What affects SIBOR rates?

SIBOR rates are correlated to the federal funds rate in the United States. An increase in the federal funds rate would lead to an increase in SIBOR rates.

The fall in interest rates in the past month can be attributed to the decline in USD. However, homeowners should anticipate an increase in SIBOR rates, as the US Federal Reserve is expected to hike interest rates three times this year, and two times in 2019.

How do these rates affect you?

If you happen to be a homeowner on a …