I’ve been delaying this article during the ramp up of cryptocurrencies but since the prices have sort of corrected and calmed down, it is time to look at cryptocurrencies without all that excitement from the bull market..

Fortunately, David Lee Kuo Chuen, the lecturer who taught me fund management more than a decade ago, is the invited editor for the latest Journal of Alternative Investments and articles in Volume 20 Number 3 seems to be a very objective look at this new asset class.

The next few articles on this blog will be cryptocurrency related but, hopefully, hype free.

Today we will focus on six compelling reasons why cryptocurrencies should not casually dismissed as yet another bubble like Tulipmania. Cryptocurrencies is a significant advance for humanity, much like that moment we invented the idea of limited liability in companies.

Here are the six reasons for cryptocurrency :

a) Non-correlation with …