Updates for my portfolio for Feb 2018

Still need a lot of work on my portfolio watchlist, looking to include shares from other developed nations. But all of these are on hold as I’m having some heavy commitments.

Recently, we had a dip in the market, which unfortunately not much bargains for me.

  • Buy Singtel at 3.50
  • Reasons
  • Despite the coming telco, only about 30% income comes from Singapore
  • Management has shown to be more forward looking, and has been trying to diversify income away from being a pure telco.
  • Valuation wise is at my sweet spot of a 5% yield with a PE of about 14x, which is fair value.
  • Not much TA for this one as the entry was looking more towards fundamental valuations, weekly seems to have a weaker downward momentum, so it would be looking to turn up in the long term. The long sell …