Sudden Windfall

TOTO does not discriminate. TOTO doesn’t care if you’re white or black, 21 or 98 and dying, or if you’re cool enough to enter that party. TOTO picks unconditionally. As my lottery-fanatic friend loves to say, buying the lottery is to: 买个希望 (Translation: Buy yourself some hope)

According to our previous article, the odds of winning 1st prize for the $12 Million Hong Bao Draw today is 1  in 13,983,816.

But clearly, these low chances haven’t stopped Singaporeans from putting some money on that bet.

If you already bought your lottery ticket for today’s $12 million draw, you might as well start thinking what you will do with the sudden windfall if you’re the lucky Singaporean who wins it.

Stop smiling to yourself

8 Things People Will Do With The Lucky Windfall

We talked to a few people and gathered that people will do pretty wise, and bizarre