I watched Creative Tech share phenomenal jumps. More than 4 times before after the News. Is this real ? Creative’s Super X-Fi™ Headphone Holography could be a game changer. Am I too late into the game. Let’s do a modelling today with Math. Using cost and target valuation price if indeed the technology becomes a household product as a standard.

If I am late in the game and I bought at $5 of 1000 shares. Compared to someone who bought at $1 assuming same amount of lots. If the value of the shares jumped to $100K, the profits difference is just $4K. That’s not much a difference even if we are to enter at $5 with just 20 baggers in term of absolute profits.

Will this be our “iPhone” at our door step ? Can’t miss it. Not a recommendation to buy or sell.
But for people who catch the winds of …