I had the best holiday of my life (without wife) last year when I went backpacking for 2 weeks alone in the wilderness of Western Sichuan province, venturing into the mountainous region with strong Tibetan culture.

The highlight of my trip has to be Hailuogou(海螺沟)glaciers and Daocheng Yading (稻城亚丁)National Park. The beautiful scenery was truly out of this world and I was totally blown away by the snow-capped mountains, turquoise lakes, the vast grassland without a single person in sight etc. Just Google these places and you will see how beautiful they are.
Daocheng Yading National Park


Gongga Mountain near seen from Hailuogou
The Western Sichuan area has a strong Tibetan culture and most people are devoted Tibetan Buddhists. There are numerous temples seen along my trip, ranging from the bigger and more famous ones to the smaller and lesser-known ones.
There were 2 small temples found in …