Welcome to my weekly ramblings. I have no specific topics since I am lazy and want to do one post for many random stuff ????

SRS Website 
As you can tell, I have reinstated my previous blog layout. After experimenting with a new design, I still find the old layout more practical and easier for readers to search for previous articles (and make it easier for the ads to be shown as well ????)…
Passive income / Portfolio update 
No further additions to my passive income portfolio. The projected full year income is still around $54,423 and my goal is to hit $60,000 in passive income this year. You can search for updates on my portfolio here.
Let’s see what are some of the results that have been announced. 
Frasers Commercial Trust

My shareholdings has now increased to 47,168 due to the DRP programme.
Starhill Global

Received …