The stock market has been crazy volatile this month. Oh my goodness. For the first time in 7 months, this will be the first portfolio update of my blog that marks history.

I have to report a negative time-weighted return of -0.87% against STI ETF of 3.56% as of 28th February.

Which technically means that I’ve lost money in the stock market since the beginning of this year!

1. Keong Hong

Despite P/E constantly decreasing ever since their earnings report was released (it is currently at a mere ratio of 2.19), the price continued to decrease just as well. From a 35% gain to a 22.9% gain now in my portfolio, it still remains the highest profit. I have also collected a good amount of dividends from this counter this month.

2. Tat Seng Packaging

Doing very well with just a 2% drop in paper gain since January to 21%.