On 11th January 2018, bought 6,000 shares of Frasers Logistics & Industrial Trust at $1.16 per share.

I must admit that the price I purchased is rather high.

Assuming 7.01 cents distribution payout on Dec 2017 maintains , it yield will be at 6% based on $1.16 purchase price.

Rather than leaving the money in the bank to earn meagre interest, I am inclined to deploy into high yielding instruments.

This is also my second pure Australia’s counter beside AusNet Services which operates it business in Australia too but in Utilities sector.

FLT owns 61 properties in Australia with 99.4% occupancy rate. The WALE is at 6.79 years provide greater certainty for investors who want longer & stable income.

68% of FLT borrowing are at fixed interest rates at the cost of 2.8% pa excluding debt related expenses. Gearing is low at 30.9% which …