I’ve mentioned this before.
I had a change in weekend schedule and somehow this has allowed me to save a large amount of money.

It was quite unexpected.
My wife and I used to go out on Saturdays to walk around and eat some nicer food for breakfast and lunch and come home by around 2pm. Then maybe go out for a simpler dinner. But basically, on Saturday, we used to go out to eat all our 3 meals.
Then on Sundays, we would visit our parents and spend the whole day there and come home after dinner at 8pm or so.
Usually, over a weekend, we would spend around $50-$100, so this averages out to be around $300 or so per month.

What happened early this year is that one of my nephews started attending Primary school.
​So my mum suggested (demanded) that we change our visits to Saturdays instead so that her precious grand child …