I think too many people are blindly following “crypto” gurus these days.

Are they seriously that good? Has anyone ever even backtested their calls? Most of them can’t TA for shit.
Maybe its not that they are convincing, but the people following them are easily convinced.

By now, you would think that crypto investors would be a lot more selective about who they follow. I know I am.

Until recently, Bitconnect “spokesmen” were actually considered influencers. Yeah, seriously wtf. It’s kind of sad.

You really have to be careful who are the people you’re following in this space. Some people are borderline crazy.
I don’t even like posting about specific crypto anymore because I know some people are just going to blindly buy it.

No, even if you email me privately, I won’t tell you what or when to buy or sell. Please don’t email me stupid shit.

Go do …