Regularly, users would independently request for an iOS app to be built for StocksCafe. Due to limited resources, it is unlikely I can satisfy this request in the near future. However, a recent feature request made by a Friend of StocksCafe actually made me realize that I could create a pseudo app for StocksCafe.

It is to simply create a shortcut (which looks like an app) on your phone that will start your phone’s browser and bring you to your chosen StocksCafe page.

The steps to install this “app” are:

For iOS
1) Open Safari. Yes, it must be Safari and not other browsers.

2) Go to your favorite page in This will be the startup page.

3) Select on the share icon (likely the middle icon at the bottom).

4) On the row where “Add to Reading List” and “Add Bookmark” is, look for “Add to Home …