When it comes to the realm of investment books, there are tons of them. Some are written by famous greats, like Benjamin Graham’s The Intelligent Investor and Peter Lynch’s One Up On Wall Street. There are also books on the different portfolio styles, like The Permanent Portfolio by Craig Rowland and J.M. Lawson, Pioneering Portfolio Management by David E. Swensen, and not forgetting my humble contribution in the form of The Bedokian Portfolio.
There is another investment book which I felt is a must-read by both beginners (for learning) and seasoned investors (for re-learning), and it is Essentials of Investments. It is written by finance professors Zvi Bodie, Alex Kane and Alan J. Marcus.
Hold On, Is This a Textbook?
Well, yes it is, and it is about 700-plus pages thick.
A school textbook usually provides the basics of a subject in a structured, topical manner, along with worked …