There are many stocks in the Singapore Exchange, and of course out of these, there are many stocks which nobody would touch.

For the longest time, Creative Technology Ltd is one such ‘Zombie’ stock. ‘Zombie’ because it is basically a living dead stock. It is listed on the exchange but for years, it hardly registers a heartbeat (its share price oscillate around $1 from late 2015 to early 2018).

That is a far cry from the high of approx. $14.30 in Jan 2006.  Creative had at one point in its history achieved a market capitalization of more than US$1.6 billion and Creative CEO Sim Mong Woo became a billionaire at age 45

How would you feel if you are a long-term investor in this stock?

I will probably try very hard to forget about this stock and move on. After all, the Singapore Exchange is littered with so many of these …