Being a Singaporean, we’re all exposed to CPF the very moment you commence work.
But once again, I believe many would have heard this from the seniors Singaporeans and even to some millennial whom have just started out with their part time job. Central Provident Funds – CPF (from CPF Official site)

“My hard-earned cash are all locked up in the CPF” 

A slight variation to the younger ones that I’ve heard many times personally:

“I want my 20% salary in cash, why did they take it away? I’m working hard for it!”

These are the many who felt that CPF is a Ponzi scheme and basically they would have no access to the funds that they worked hard for. It is made more “popular” when individuals like Roy Ngerng that had protested at Hong Lim Park on the CPF funds earlier in 2014. Personally, I do have a number of relative that hates …