There’s a new app for download – one that’s designed to help you manage and maximise your cashback credit card game.

The SGBB Cashback App


As an advocate of cashback credit cards, one of the most common questions I get is on how to MANAGE our cards, especially given how there are a multitude of credit cards which give varying cashback rates across different categories.

For instance, imagine if you own the OCBC 365 card and Citi Cashback Card (a pretty common combination among my friends).

  • The OCBC 365 card gives 6% on weekend dining, but this falls to 3% if you swipe for the same dining places on weekdays.
  • On the other hand, the Citi Cashback gives 8% for dining, all days of the week.

But if you’re using your card for online shopping, you’ll be better off charging it to your OCBC 365 card which gives …