Happy Woman’s Day !

Let’s celebrate this day by cheering a Singapore lady who always speaks with her heart during budget every year!

“We are a nation well-versed with fear as a motivating force. We’ve come very far in surviving as a country by not ignoring our fears. But it is not the only emotion worth listening to. Fear alone cannot bring us past a space of surviving into a space of thriving.

When I live-poll youths in JCs, polys and ITEs about what is one word they associate with the future of Singapore, you know what word consistently emerges as the biggest on their word cloud?

It’s the word – “Uncertain”.

So yes, I think we have definitely succeeded in engraining in them the message of our vulnerabilities. I think they got it.

The emotion of fear while useful can become uninspiring and paralysing as a mood. Our youths are …