Just a few days back, a reader sent in a question asking:

“What are your thoughts for the following stocks?”

I reckon’ed that it will be beneficial to share with everyone on my thoughts too. With his permission, here goes:

1. Rowsley (SGX: A50) Q1: This stock seem to be have big moves (up/down), what is the true value and growth of this stock?

Looking at the recent results, it doesn’t make sense for us to look at the previous business since its not growing any longer.

As for the future prospects, Rowsley announced that it had entered into a definitive agreement with Peter Lim Eng Hock, the controlling shareholder of Rowsley.

It will to acquire his 100% stake in Thomson Medical and 70.36% stake in Bursa-listed TMC Life Sciences.

Tan says,

“Upon completion, we will become a leading healthcare player in Southeast Asia. This will help us