One of the milestones you go through in life is purchasing your first home. 80% of Singaporeans start this journey by buying an HDB. HDB is already highly subsidized in Singapore, and many people are eligible for further subsidies in the form of CPF Housing Grants.

The problem with CPF Housing Grants, like the HDB scheme itself, is too complicated. The government has also made many changes over the years. Keeping up-to-date information about CPF Housing Grants becomes a daunting task.

In the recent Budget 2018, more changes were made to CPF Housing Grants to encourage people to live near their parents (you can refer this article for the CPF Housing Grant changes made during Budget 2017). More options sometimes mean confusion. In this article, I will share with you a good online resource that you can easily find which one you are eligible.

In a nutshell, the CPF …