At the start of 2015, I posted an observation on a forum that Singapore has a ratio of 4.14 people to housing units based on 2014’s population numbers. These numbers included foreign workers, students, maids etc.

So how then did it fare now based on 2017’s stats? Here are the figures now

^HDB 2017 figure were based as of end March 2017, hence there is a slight underestimate

*Data from HDB, URA and Singstats 2017 data

As of 2017, this ratio has fallen to below 4. It shows housing supply in Singapore has increased (7.0%) at a much faster rate than our population (2.5%). I find this number ridiculous because it means for every housing unit, there are 3.96 people staying in it; the 296,700 foreign construction workers in Singapore will be heartened to know that four of them can comfortably stay in a 4 …