My private hospital and surgical health insurance (H&S) premiums have been through the roof.

So much so that at the age of 37, I am partially paying cash with it.

And now, the health ministry announced that those who are on these H&S plans with comprehensive rider that covers all the cost would have to share the financial burden with the insurance company.

I am not sure whether I am affected. I do have a rider that covers the co-insurance but not the deductible.  Based on what is written, it seems I am affected.

I do know one thing. I am not happy about it.

The Hospital and Surgical Insurance (H&S) is a critical fundamental protection that you should be aware of.

The government knows this, and thus in Nov 2015, they  mandated that all Singaporeans are at least covered under Medishield Life, the default H&S plan.  …