I wasn’t doing much to the portfolio in February. While there was an increase in volatility, however equity market was trading within the range where it didn’t trigger a new buy or new sell for me. Portfolio value decreased to $657,325.86, despite me injecting $4,000 fresh fund. Return YTD was 1.05%, XIRR YTD was 6.74%, and XIRR since inception was 7.42%. Portfolio allocation stood at 35.62% for equity and 64.38% for bonds and cash.

I received total dividends of $883.75, lower compared to $895.29 which I received Feb last year. However it’s expected as I sold some of my equity holdings in January.

Date Securities Name FCY SGD
2-Feb-2018 ABF PAIF (USD) 40.00 52.18
7-Feb-2018 BT Group PLC (GBP) 27.55 50.62
13-Feb-2018 British Land Co PLC (GBP) 18.66 34.10
20-Feb-2018 STI ETF 222.60 222.60