Using Grab as your mode of transport

Not so long ago we did a little comparison between all the ride-sharing apps to find out which makes the most economical sense (yes! we mean cheap!) to commute.

BlueSG Grab Uber Taxi Base Fare S$0.00 S$2.50 S$3.00 S$3.20 Cost per minute S$0.50 S$0.16 S$0.22 S$0.30 Cost per Kilometer (km) S$0.00 S$0.50 S$0.47 S$0.55

Turns out, either Grab or Uber makes the most sense to commute when traffic condition is bad.

How much are you spending on your Grab rides?

I decide to man up a little after ignoring the elephant in the room on my Seedly app for the longest time.

Headed over to, punched in my mobile number and downloaded my Grab spending for the year.

I spent $347.50 in less than three months. I did a little more math to project my spending and end up with $1,786 …