For some people, tabulating expenses can be a nightmare scenario. Be it the hassle of recording, the shock at finding out how much your healthcare insurance have increased or the guilt at finding out how much you had spent on lottery.

But not so for the 15HWW household. We have been publishing monthly expenses updates on this blog since August 2013. That’s 54 times consecutively. They are the main reasons why I have been able to consistently write every month.

They are a hassle to look back on, though.

So a couple of weeks ago, I exported all of my expenses records in 2017 (on the app) to Excel. I then managed to simplify the expenses to the following table and chart for my future reference.

We spent about $53,000 last year which translates to $4,400 a month on average. Here’s some snippets on where the money went to.

Mortgage …