PS = Property Soul
WK = Tan Wee Kwang, Founder, Absolute Inspection

PS: We see increasingly more reports on defect cases in condos, ECs, BTO and DBSS projects, such as The Sail @ Marina Bay, The Seaview, The Coast, RiverParc Residence, Austville Residences and Trivelis. Some even have to be settled in court. What went wrong? Is the standard dropping for building quality in Singapore residential homes?

WK: Residential projects may encounter problems at various stages of occupation. Some of the projects which you have mentioned are in the news for post-DLP (Defects Liability Period) problems or maintenance issues which could be attributed to many different reasons, including but not limited to poor workmanship.

As for the building quality of newly TOP projects, we have been inspecting new houses for the past few years and we still see many workmanship defects on a daily basis. Nevertheless, we do not see a