I’m sitting in my hotel room as usual.
Watching TV… As usual.
And this show comes up… And I love this show… “Say yes to the dress” on TLC.

It’s fun, it’s drama, it’s a short and stress free show. Just the kind of show I like.
If only it wasn’t reality.

I mean seriously???
$1000 or more for a wedding dress?
That you’re likely going to only wear once?!
How do people justify that kind of spending?

You could buy a washing machine AND a fridge for that kinda money.

But I suppose… It’s really the fun on choosing a dress, the experience of splurging once in your life…

But really?!?!
We bought 2 dresses during our wedding. One big airy one for pictures and a second one for evening wear.
Total cost… around $120?
Nope that’s not missing a zero.

One dress was worn for a couple of hours for the photo shoot. And the other dress was also worn for a couple …