Singapore’s Demographic

Singapore has a total population of 5,612,300.

Of which, Singapore citizens make up 61% of the population with 3,438,200. The remaining is made up of 526,600 permanent residents and a good population of 2,121,500 expats.

Singapore will continue to attract foreign talents, having topped the ranking for the most liveable city for Asian expats. Factors that allow Singapore to score such ranking are mainly

Excellent facilities and infrastructure Low crime rates Quality education Quality healthcare facilities Low levels of pollution TL;DR – How much a salary do I need to live in Singapore?

For foreign expats who wish to work in Singapore, Singapore’s cost of living becomes one of the frequently asked concerns. Well, Singapore ultimately is one of the most expensive cities in the world to live in.

Before we go on to break down and give a good estimation for some of the cost, here are some …