We have decided to invest more money (from $500 to $1,000 monthly) through StashAway and I blogged about it here – Automating Capital Growth Through StashAway.

1. ACCOUNT SUMMARY (as of the last day of the month)

Based on the statement (28 Feb 2018), we had $6.65 profit.
As of 13 Mar 2018, we have $22.24 profit despite a significant currency impact -$94.02. SGD time-weighted returns: 1.0%
USD time-weighted returns: 5.2%


3. TRANSACTIONS StashAway has improved the time it takes for our money to be invested significantly! I can definitely see/feel the difference. SGD $990.00 converted to USD $751.69
Exchange Rate: 1.317032287
4. FEE CALCULATIONS No fee till August 2018 because I recommended more friends. The projected fee (assuming no referral) would be the monthly-average assets SGD $4,108.72 x 0.8% / 365 days * 28 days = $2.52 StashAway VS STI ETF
Since there is no way to compare the performances among the robo-advisors, I came out with a spreadsheet to track our StashAway portfolio