Eighty-five attended the Property Soul Meet the Blogger Session at YMCA@One Orchard last Saturday. We would have accommodated more people if not because of room seating limit and fire safety concern.

In response to your requests, we have arranged a videographer to record the session for members and readers who can’t make it on that day. Now everyone can watch what we have shared at the session any time convenient to them.

The following topics were covered during the 1-hour presentation:

1) Property market in next 2 years’ time;
2) Residential properties: good buys and bad buys;
3) All about commercial properties;
4) Next property portfolio: my wish list; and
5) Where to park our money.

Below is a 3-minute preview of the presentation:

The full-length video is about an hour and it synchronizes with each presentation slide.
There is a small fee (member $29, non-member $49) to access the recording.

For members, please