The volatility that I talked about last month has appeared to be a non-event on hindsight. The STI has since climbed back to above 3,500 and is just a few percentage points away from this year’s high.

Perhaps just like this recent article (which tells us to pay less attention to news and yet be more informed), we should also pay less attention to the market and just continue to save and invest for a better future. Most likely, after a decade or two, you would have built up some serious wealth by then.

And yes, with the injection of savings, the portfolio is at a new high yet again.

Overall Portfolio (Value: $439,000)


Monthly Change: +$7,000 (+1.6%)

Yearly Change: +$46,000 (+11.7%)

1. 15HWW Permanent Portfolio
There was not much movement in the prices of the assets and the increase was mainly due to the $500+ …