Thanks to Ray, he pointed out I should expand my price comparison of different shield plans to age 75 and up. I can’t remember why I stopped at 75 years old, but I probably followed AIA’s tables, which only covers up to 75 years old.

In any case, it got me thinking if I would keep buying integrated shield plan if I live till 99 years old.

I wrote in another post debating whether people should buy term plan up till 99 years old. In short, you probably don’t have to keep paying for insurance and can stop once you retire. For hospitalisation plan or Integrated Shield Plan, the circumstances seem different.

For one, people will have a higher chance of hospitalisation when we are older. How much higher? Luckily for us, MOH has release this figure annually.

Rate Per 1,000 Resident Population in 2016 Above the age of 4, looking …