Woah this is a good streak.
Many comments by readers which allow me to express more things.
Especially things that don’t impact me…
Cos when things don’t impact me, I don’t think about writing about it. Cos I don’t even know it needs to be written about.

So you guys might think I’m mad.
All of us should know what is inflation… but yet strangely, I don’t think I’ve ever written about it.
Cos… yea… it doesn’t affect me…
What the hell?!?!

I’ll the story short… How much can you eat?
If you understand this statement, there’s nothing much to read below.

Otherwise, here we go.
So when I started work, around 25 years old, expenses was around $2,000 per person? Something like that I suppose. That’s what we earn, so can’t be much more than that.
And since then, 10 years or so back til now… well… $2,000 or so is still the pay of quite a bunch of people.

When I …