The application for the April 2018 tranche of Singapore Savings Bonds is closed and we have the application results.

It would seem that this is the second tranche that is oversubscribed.

It seems we are not getting all our fills.

This is a far cry from the days were the SSB was under-subscribed.

This is surprising to me because, I thought the reason for the low interest was due to low awareness that there is such a product out there.

Turns out this might not be true.

It is just that the Yields were not Attractive! When the yields are attractive, people flock to it.

Here is where I talked about the April 2018 SSB Bonds.

The 1 year duration yields 1.42%.

The most attractive deal out there, is not the hurdle savings accounts in my best short term savings for 2018. The Citibank MAXIgain is a combination of …