It’s very easy to forget… what are wants and what are needs.

I’m just coming up with a list of WANTS that many of us have conveniently classified as NEEDS… Furthermore, many of us are so fixated on this that we aren’t willing to downgrade to a normal/logical level of consumption, further rationalizing it as convenient, lazy, it’s affordable, and all kinds of other excuses.
I won’t explain much on each point, you should know what I’m talking about.
I’m not even talking about the luxuries or fancy bags, just simple stuff which we take so much for granted that we think that they are needs.

1. First on the list… Mobile and data. Anything more than 3GB per month is excessive.
Unless you are really really really so busy, which I doubt.

​2. Travel… Once a year? Twice a year? How about once every 2 years? Why not?
Staycation is even worse, why not just stay …