What lifestyle choices you make directly affect your personal finance. This is why the what we spend on the fun stuff is so important too!

A question was posted on the Smarter Way Page about what to do on a day-trip to nearby Johor Bahru, and our very smart community of Lobang Kings and Queens have recommended aplenty. Here’s a compiled list of the mass of recommendations by members on our Facebook Community Page. Nothing beats real-life reviews!

TL;DR – 10 Things You Can’t Miss On Your Day Trip To JB

Check out some of the best recommendations on food to eat and things to do when in Johor Bahru. Plus, get the most bang for your buck!

Massage Famous Banana Cake Do your hair Go Kart Eat Curry Fish Head Watsons Pump Petrol Affordable “Cafe Food” Friends Bonding! Laser Tag and Escape Room Watch Movie 1. Massage …