I was triggered by Property Soul’s latest post exploring whether property is the reason Singaporeans are not the among the happiest bunch of people in the world.

The stats do indicate we are not very happy:

  • We are ranked only 34th in 2018 World Happiness Report
  • In 2015 World Health Organization survey, Singaporeans have the highest depression rates in Asia
  • Home ownership in Singapore rose from 58.8% in 1980 (where Kyith was born!) to 90.6% in 2016. Those in the top 25 positions in the same World Happiness Report did not have a higher home ownership percentage

Property Soul also round up some good stats on happiness:

  • The Better Life Index of OECD (Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development) measures life satisfaction of member countries every year. Although US households have the highest average disposable income, the country only ranks 14th in its life satisfaction rating
  • China’s …