How time flies ~ it is already end of March and 3 months has passed in 2018. I was recently in Tokyo for a business trip and was pleasantly surprised to see the Sakura blooming in the city. The picture above is along the Meguro River where you see rows of Sakura along the canal.
I then went to the Chidorigafuchi (see picture above beside the Imperial Palace) to see couples having fun rowing boat in the moat! That certainly looks romantic and definitely not for someone who is there on a business trip… ????The Ueno Park is probably less pleasant (below) as it is way too overcrowded. Hence if you are there for the sakura, Meguro and Chidorigafuchi would get the votes for me but not Ueno Park.
Trading Update

I previously mentioned I bought Apple and Singtel in Feb and i have since divested AAPL in March for a small profit but only managed to “break even” for Singtel …