I’ve posted a couple of previous expense updates.
Here and here

I’ve gotten slightly more interested to track my expenses just to see how freegan activities have improved my spending.

Below is the amount for March.

I’ve changed some of my classification to group stuff up.
Nothing to really talk about for the fixed section.
I’ve mentioned about those before in my previous posts.

Insurance is subjective, everyone can buy whatever insurance makes them feel more secure.
Personally, our insurance contains…
Housing insurance, decreasing term life insurance, early crisis cover, SAF life insurance.

All the internet and telco plans I’ve also spoken about previously so nothing exciting.

I’ve always kept car as a separate line cos it’s treated differently. Cos this number also includes depreciation or estimated monthly payments. Cos it’s already fully paid.
Also, this number disappears if my wife changes job so…
Anyway, this $1,200 is the “budget” set aside for the car, and it will always be counted separately.
I’ve written …