I’m sure all of us has thought about it.

What if I do this and fail?
What if I don’t do this and regret?

Both of these thoughts are thoughts about regret.
The first one is the thought that you will do something, then when it fails, you regret trying it, cos you probably wasted time and or money.
The second one is the thought that you never tried something and regret never having even tried it in the first place and you never know where that path lead you.

Both of these thoughts are helpless thoughts… meaning… you feel helpless cos you don’t know the ending. You don’t know what’s going to happen. So there’s always fear.

So how do you eliminate fear? By knowing, by being more prepared and finally, owning the decision.
Many times, we are always stuck in the knowing and being prepared state.
So we never decide and own the decision. And due to …