Huat ah! Congratulations on landing your first job.

Embarking on your first job can be pretty challenging. Your relative education institute may have equipped you with a whole lot of knowledge (many times too much), but when it comes to the real world, there might be some limitations to what your textbook knowledge can do.

With individual’s EQ out of our reach, here’s a guide on creating that first impression, and personal finance as a first-jobber.

Building Your Career Wardrobe (Cheap!)

Affordable formal office wear is probably one of the main challenges most fresh graduates face.

Having been mostly in a casual outfit for the past 20 odd years, the transition to daily formal office outfit can be daunting to your wallet. With first impression and appropriate work outfit being a priority, here are some places to get them CHEAP!

Affordable Formal Shirt and Pants In Singapore

Nothing fits better …